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Traditional Swedish/Esalen Spa Style Massage

I offer the traditional spa style massage made popular in the 60's at the now famous Esalen Retreat Center. Based on massage strokes that derive from the Swedish tradition, this is a relaxing, soothing massage that relieves muscle aches and tension while promoting deep relaxation throughout the body. The massage combines both long, fluid, rhythmic strokes with deeper, detail work in the areas most commonly affected by stress, such as the shoulder, back and hamstrings.  Most importantly, during every session I endeavor to be completely present so as to maintain an intimate, nurturing connection and provide you with the best experience possible.


70 minutes - $65
One hour and 40 minutes - $95





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Massage 4 Men in Marin 415-497-1300

My schedule:

10:00 am to 7:00 pm - Monday through Friday
Weekends hours vary.
Same day appointments are sometimes available. Please feel free to inquire.


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